Tuesday, June 7, 2016

First Comes Love, Then Comes Deployment

    There is no surefire way to make your wedding "deployment proof." Military and civilian weddings alike hit roadblocks or life altering events that can put weddings on hold.

    I had just bought my wedding dress and was beyond ecstatic to be planning our wedding. I found out very soon after that his unit was deploying again to Afghanistan. I try not be a bridezilla but I flew off the handle a bit. Who could I be mad at? No one. It was the needs of the Army and those needs do come first. 

   We did not know until this past January (our wedding is this July) if the wedding was going to happen for sure or not. He was thankfully put on rear detachment but it got me thinking about what our plan B would've been had the wedding not been able to happen.

Wedding Insurance
   I didn't know you could even insure weddings at first. We chose a basic policy through our insurance company. It essentially covers expenses that are lost due to weather, military service, illness or death etc. 

   Some insurance companies call this coverage "Special Event" insurance which usually covers weddings as well.

    Every insurance company covers different things and has different caveats, I recommend you look into every policy to make sure to covers what you need.

"Military Service" Clause
   When we signed our contracts with our vendors we pretty much always added a "Military Service" clause. This essentially said that we would be held responsible for lost wages or last minute cancellation as a result of a deployment. 

   Not all vendors will agree to such a clause. However, it is good to ask anyway.

"Military Friendly" Venues
   These can be a little difficult to come by. Since our venue is at West Point, they are used to the crazy situations the military can through at plans. 

If you are getting married in a military town or at a military academy it can be easier to work with "military friendly". They are used to last minute changes and military traditions that can be customary at weddings.

You cannot control where and when the wants to send your spouse...even if its during your wedding. You can take the precautions necessary in case something like this happens to you. 



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