Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Best Podcasts To Get You Through Deployment

If you know me, you know that I have an obsession with podcasts that is a bit out of control. 

Sad? I have a podcast for that. 

Wanting to learn something new? I have a podcast for that. 


Now that my husband is deployed, I found that my love of podcasts has increased tenfold. 

You will probably agree with me that nighttime is the hardest part of deployments. You're kinda just sitting there waiting to fall to asleep...and you're alone. Although the distance sucks no matter what, you feel it more when you are just sitting in the dark. I usually need to listen to something to help me fall asleep, and podcasts are EXACTLY what I needed.

Here is a list of the BEST podcasts to get you through deployment. FYI, more than one of these podcasts contain strong language, and some themes won't be appropriate for the kids.

This podcast is probably my favorite of all time. Karen and Georgia are a blast and honestly are my best friends....who have never met me...and probably never will. For a great comedy and true crime mashup, I cannot recommend this podcast enough. Also, I have never seen a podcast with such a large following in my life. Their official Facebook group alone has over 175,000 members.

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Phoebe and Jessica are two best friends who live in Brooklyn and host a comedy show. They are absolutely hysterical and are not afraid to speak on everything from race to feminism to an insane love of U2. In addition to their podcast, they also have a special on HBO. I cannot listen to this show in public or it will look like I am laughing out loud to myself.

Hearing Annie talk about life in Nashville, makes me want to move there ASAP. Annie F. Downs is the bestselling author of books like "Let's All Be Brave," and "Looking for Lovely." The conversations she has with her friends about her faith, family, careers, etc. are amazing. It honestly feels like I am with my friends who are having a conversation. Except I'm listening to it and they don't know me.
Photo Credit: Anniefdowns.com
From the great country of Canada, comes this investigative reporting gem. David Ridgen follows unsolved crimes and missing persons cases all over the United States and Canada. There are currently three seasons and the reporting is unlike anything I have ever heard. You feel like you are with him on these investigations and interviews. It is an absolute masterpiece and will have you binging entire seasons in one day. 

Krista Tippett has one of the most calming voices on the planet, oh and she's also won a Peabody Award. The great thing about On Being, is that Krista speaks with some of the greatest minds to ever walk the planet. From astrophysicists to Franciscan monks, the conversations are thought-provoking and truly incredible to listen to. There has never been an episode that I haven't learned something new.
Photo Credit: Onbeing.org
Aaron and Justin provide a thoroughly researched look at crimes that span generations and continents. True Crime lovers will appreciate how well put together the episodes are. You will probably learn something new about some of the most famous and lesser known crimes. It is to the point, honest, no frills....and awesome.

Terrible at budgeting? Same. I didn't know how truly terrible I was at saving until I read Dave Ramsey's books. I found that his podcast is just as informative as his books, if not more so. Dave takes callers questions about everything from starting a business to recovering from bankruptcy. He is BRUTALLY honest, but it is your money...it isn't something to be taken lightly. 

8. Reveal
From The Center For Investigative Reporting, comes one of the first podcasts I fell in love with. Award-winning investigative journalists dig deeper into the issues we see on the news (i.e. the opioid crisis, human trafficking, the war on terror etc.) and some we might not know about. The topics are fascinating, heartbreaking, and important. Brilliantly produced and edited, this podcast will leave an impact on listeners like no other podcast can.

This wildly popular podcast from the LA Times had me yelling at my phone at certain points. It is heartbreaking, frustrating, and important. Debra Newell's relationship with John Meehan shows how an abusive relationship can have an impact on those around you...in ways you cannot imagine. The ending is truly unbelievable and seems like something out of a lifetime movie...only much worse.

Jen Hatmaker has had an interesting last few years. A huge name in a Christian community, she received backlash when she said she supported LGBTQ marriage. Some of the biggest Christian bookstores pulled her books and any material she was involved with. Despite this, she is still a best selling author, speaker, and tv show host. This podcast is broken up into series about everything Jen loves from a love of food to a love of friends. Guests include The Pioneer Woman, Dr. Brené Brown, and Melissa Hartwig, The Founder of Whole30. Jen is not afraid to go deep with these conversations and these conversations will make you laugh, cry, and think.

This is one of the first podcasts created to coincide with the release of a documentary series on CNN. Patricia Hearst to this day is one of the only political kidnappings to take place in the United States. This podcast introduces this story of the Heiress Patricia Hearst who was kidnapped by a tiny militia group and ended up committing crimes with her captors. This fascinating and heartbreaking tale still has the same impact today that it did back in the 1970s. The country had to face new ideas like Stockholm syndrome, unrest among youths, etc. in ways it had not before.

In 1997, a doomsday cult called Heaven's Gate committed a mass suicide in California. They believed that they were going to "The Level Above Human." The weirdest thing of all about this cult, is that many of these people were completely normal. I mean, as normal as you can be to join a cult but still. Heaven's Gate goes through the history of the cult, who they were, and speaks will people who are still alive today that believe. Another weird fact....their website from 1997 is still active.


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