Saturday, April 30, 2016

What About My Life Goals?

I didn't think I was going to get married until well into my thirties. I had a plan and that plan was to work for a production company in NYC and live with my girlfriends. 

I am now working on post and living in Colorado, which doesn't exactly have a big film and television scene. 

I have selfishly struggled with this more than I would like to admit. One of my flaws in life is that I am so used to being independent it can come off as self serving. Some women desire to become a homemaker from early on and there is NOTHING wrong with that but it was not for me. 
Life changes. People change. With changes in life comes changes in goals. 

This does not meant that the goals you want cannot be achieved regardless of where you move. The key is to be FLEXIBLE with those goals. 

If you told me that my goal would be to learn spanish I would laugh in your face. The great thing about this goal, is that I can learn a language no matter where we move next. Now, I have made it a long-term goal and one I can bring with me no matter where I move.

HOWEVER, some people find their passion and make the decision to live away from their spouse to pursue it. I know plenty of spouses who live on the opposite side of the country doing what they love. They are career driven and independent but still love and support their spouses just the same. 

Just like relationships, goals are unique. If your goal is to work for your dream company in Florida while your spouse is stationed in Washington, then that is your decision to make with your spouse. If you make the decision to give up some goals to be with your spouse then it is something you are entitled to.

This lifestyle can make goal setting difficult....but you NEED goals. It gives this crazy life purpose and it doesn't matter how big or small they are. They could be goals for work, health, relationship, spiritual growth WHATEVER.

Say it with me, "Your goals matter as much as your spouse's goals matter."


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