Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Important Resources for Military Spouses in Crisis

This post is meant to serve as a guideline that breaks down important phone numbers and organizations that can assist spouses (or ANYONE) who are experiencing a difficult situation. Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the outcome of any of the organizations or phone numbers. I am not affiliated with any of these organizations or groups. 

If you are in a LIFE THREATENING situation call 9-1-1
- Germany 110
- Italy 112
- South Korea 119
-Japan 110
-Guam 911

**Please feel free to print out the chart below!


If you would like more information on what resources and programs are available to military members and their families, I highly recommend the following links:

     1. Military One Source: Military One Source provides a range of programs, referrals and information for military members, family members and veterans
     2. Army One Source- Specific support for those serving in the Army and their familes. Includes referrals to programs inside the Army. Programs vary from New Parent Support Groups to Transition Assistance. 
     3. Fleet and Family Support Program (Navy)- Provides programs and assistance to Navy Members and their families
     4. Marine Corps Community Services Forward- Provides assistance and information from topics that vary from Wellness to Fitness. Available for Marine Corps members, their families and veterans
     5. Wingman Toolkit (Airforce)- A brand new website dedicated to building resiliency throughout Air Force members and their families.

If you have any other information that can help military families who are going through a difficult time PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment below! The more resources we have the better.



  1. This is a great way to get the word out and help people in need. Sorry I can't help with additional resources!

  2. this seems a useful list of helpful resources.

  3. This is so informative- thanks for sharing! I have a dear friend in the Navy. :)

  4. Such a comprehensive helpful list for military based families..loved that they can bookmark & refer when needed!

  5. It's soo great that you have put something together like this, I personally don't have extra information to add but I love that you have done this for others!


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