Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Podcasts That Saved My Sanity During Deployment

When my husband deployed, I needed something to fill up the silence when I was alone. I like to call myself a podcast guru. I can match podcasts to every mood, subject, season etc.

Don't believe me?

I am so excited to share with you the podcasts I LOVE. I included my favorite episodes to give you a taste of why I adore these shows so much.

1. How I Built This
Host Guy Raz interviews inspirational entrepreneurs, CEOs, and all around fascinating people. They discuss the ins and outs of building a business that becomes a household name. It is so interesting to listen to and is nothing short of inspiring.

My Favorite Episode: Dermalogica Jane Wurwand

2. Watch What Crappens
Are you obsessed with Bravo? SAME HERE. Anyone who enjoys the Real Housewives or Southern Charm needs to listen to this podcast. Comedians Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam recreate entire episodes that will have you crying laughing.

My Favorite Episode: #734 Southern Charm Live in SF: Jagged Little Pillow

3. Stuff You Should Know
This show is just like the Snapple cap facts. Every episode focuses on a seemingly random topic and delves deep into understanding what it is, what it does, and why? The hosts Chuck and Josh are adorably nerdy and super interesting to listen to.

My Favorite Episode: Can Movies Be Cursed?

Love Music? Love True Crime? This is your show! Host Jake Brennon takes you on an INSANE journey through some of the craziest stories in music history. The show is dramatic, informative and all around a treat to listen to.

My Favorite Episode: Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.: The Media Did IT 

5. The Goal Digger Podcast
This podcast is what made me turn my focus to blogging. Jenna Kutcher is a photographer turned entrepreneur who makes you feel like she is your best friend. If you run a business, have a side hustle or just love to be inspired, I cannot recommend this show enough. The insight and information on how to brand yourself and your business is incredible!

My Favorite Episode: 187: My Worst Client Experiences and What They Taught Me

6. The Minimalists
I have a problem with having too much stuff. There is nothing more satisfying than decluttering my life! Hosts Josh and Ryan are just two normal guys who want to teach you "how to live a meaningful life with less." They cover everything from decluttering your clothes to toxic people in your life.

My Favorite Episode: 085 | Shopping

7. On The Media
This is the perfect podcast for these crazy times we are living in! From WNYC Studios, On The Media looks at how the media and everyday people react to big events. They offer clear and concise insight and conversation to the big news stories and the stories that matter to all of us.

My Favorite Episode: Fallout

8. Uncover: Escaping NXIVM
Follow the journey of a former top member of a dangerous cult. Sarah Edmondson thought she was joining a group that was going to change the world. She gave up everything to follow and teach the beliefs of accused cult leader Kieth Raniere. It took one fateful night to completely change her thinking.

My Favorite Episode: The Suppressives 

9. Someone Knows Something
The CBC (Canadian Broadcast Channel) has some absolute gems in their podcast library. Host David Ridgen is truly a master of his craft. Ridgen revisits old unsolved cases to try to find out what really happened. The stories and people are fascinating and heart breaking.

My Favorite Season: Season 2 Sheryl Sheppard 

10. Radiolab
I know I say that I love all the hosts of these podcasts and I do. However, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich are my absolute favorite podcast hosts of all time. They are funny, witty, and have amazing chemistry. They cover topics as broad as DNA to as small as certain football team's curse. The editing is amazing and I am always eager to see what they create next!

My Favorite Episode: Seneca, Nebraska

11. My Favorite Murder
Do I like listening to true crime podcasts? YOU BET I DO! MFM is one of the podcasts that started it all for me. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are two hysterical comedians who love true crime. You will feel like you are sitting on the couch with your bffs talking about the craziest crimes you've ever heard of. Also, they have the coolest fans who make the most amazing fan art!

My Favorite Episode: #111 Figure It Out Kevin

12. She Explores
This show is the one that calms me down and gets me excited for my next hike. Host Gale Straub interviews woman from all backgrounds about their experience with the outdoors. She focuses on being inclusive and finding fascinating stories about what makes women love being in the outdoors. I especially love listening to this podcast when the weather is too awful for me to go outside. It makes me homesick for my time spent living in Colorado!

My Favorite Episode: #30 Saving Her Backyard

I hope you find this list of podcasts as a resource to help you discover funny, interesting and amazing stories. Please leave a comment if you have any podcasts that you love! I am always down to dear podcast reccomendations!


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