Tuesday, October 23, 2018

6 Things No One Tells You About Living Alone

I always thought living alone would be something I would do at some point in my life. It wasn't until my late twenties that I found out what it truly felt like.

Since my husband has been deployed I've gotten a taste of what living alone has been like. Although there are some negatives, I definitely have found some positive sides of doing it on your own!

1. Your sense of responsibility will explode.
No one else is getting those dishes in the sink clean. That load of laundry is not going to get magically folded.

You are running the whole show. How your home is handled, cleaned, etc. is dictated by you.

The biggest takeaway I got from being a one-woman show is to manage my time wisely. When I come home from work I know that I am the one to make sure the house is the way I want it to be.

2. You will get used to sleeping alone.
I used to be terrified of sleeping anywhere alone. I would keep all my lights and tv on...and didn't sleep because of it.

While the neighborhood I live in is completely safe, the surrounding area can get a bit dicey. I would always recommend in investing in a security system before anything else. You can find wireless security cameras and security systems that work great!

I listen to podcasts to have some noise in the background. I also sleep with a very protective doxie with a napoleon complex.

3. You won't always hate living alone.
I currently sleep in the starfish position on a diagonal in my king sized bed. It is amazing. I highly recommend it when you have the bed to yourself.

4. A good cleaning routine can save your sanity.
 I need routines to stay on track. My brain can go in a million directions at once. I like to clean in the mornings and on the weekend. I chose one room to deep clean and tidy up throughout the day.

I also have an evening wind down routine...because apparently I need routines to function.

5. You will feel overwhelmed at times.
Sometimes you will feel like this weight on your shoulder. Sometimes it will feel downright crappy being alone. I have not found a single person who has not felt the same way.

It is okay to not feel okay all the time.

However, if this feeling starts to feel debilitating I would highly recommend reaching out to a professional. It is not stupid or dumb to feel sad about being on your own.

6. Using a meal delivery service is a great idea if you are cooking for one.
Not sponsored. I am just someone who loves to cook, but hates to grocery shop.

There are not a lot of healthy food options in my area. I have found that getting my ingredients delivered to me has been the best way to go.

I can choose what meals I want and I don't have to go out and buy an ingredient I will only use once. Since most meal kits are meant for two servings, you have something ready for lunch the next day!


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